Cora – Milwaukee, WI

Cora – Milwaukee, WI

“Community First helped me get 100% of the things I needed fixed on my house!”

Her friends and family call her “Mother Cora,” and when she invited us in her living room recently to talk about the work Community First did on her house, we knew at once why this is a fitting nickname for her. An incredibly striking and strong woman, Cora raised her eleven children in her Milwaukee home. “I moved in here in 1965 and I’ve certainly seen my share of ups and downs in this neighborhood,” she says with a smile and without a hint of remorse in her voice.

Although things have not always been easy for Cora and her children, her joy and her faith are obvious and unshakeable. She quotes Bible scriptures frequently as she tells us about her life, and about the struggles she’s had in maintaining her property. “I got to the point where I couldn’t afford to do any upkeep on my home; I only had enough time and money to keep my yard looking ok for the neighborhood. But my house was in bad shape. Well, the Bible says ‘You have not because you ask not’!”

She tells us she prayed for help and applied to Community First’s program, and after being accepted, Community First coordinated crucial projects for her house, including a new roof, sidewalk, and basement repairs, all at no cost to her. “I thank the Lord for this program! I asked for a blessing and what now my house is all fixed up!”

If Cora’s story sounds like your own and you would like help with making crucial repairs to your Milwaukee home, please contact us immediately so we can begin the application process.

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