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Community First’s mission is to improve the quality of life, by developing safe affordable housing.

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Every donation matters because it helps us to make a real and lasting difference in our community. Every donation, no matter how big or small, makes a difference and helps us continue our mission of serving those in need. Thank you so much for your generosity and support – we truly appreciate your help!

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Message from the Executive Director

The last few years have had their share of challenges and while many businesses were experiencing declines, Community First was full steam ahead with a 35% increase in funding. This increase allowed us to further our mission, becoming the developer of housing identified in our strategic plan.

With our team growing, expanded partnerships, improved processes, and a national presence, we embody the theme “Empowering the Foundation.” Empowering people, families and communities one day at a time.



Shirley White

“Thank you so much Community First for everything they did in my home. If it weren’t for Community First making it happen I would be at square one…I thank God for Community First”

I’m proud of how Community First turns local disinvestment into neighborhood gems. Along with helping homeowners, Community First takes the neighborhood handyman from the same ZIP codes that are being served and develop them into licensed and insured contractors. Showing them how to bid, submit invoices, helping them along the way with accounting and back-office support. I have watched first-hand the passion for affordable and safe housing, which is the core driver of why they do what they do. As Milwaukee natives, they care deeply about their impact on people they consider their neighbors, and their work is inspiring many others. Their repair programs are making a real difference and deserve to grow in order to serve even more vulnerable residents in the city.

Brandon Methu – Previous Board President


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We would love to hear from you! Community First thrives on community interaction and support. We feel the best way to achieve success is together! Please contact us if you or someone you know could use our help, or if you simply would like to know more about we do. If you would prefer to know other ways to contact us, please visit our Get Help! or Contact pages.